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Seventh Through Tenth Game of the Year: WildTangent Potpourri ;) - Video Game Clear Challenge

Goddamned Resurrecting Bitch posting in Video Game Clear Challenge
User: 10vgchallenge (posted by quoting_mungo)
Date: 2009-09-29 20:17
Subject: Seventh Through Tenth Game of the Year: WildTangent Potpourri ;)
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7. My Kingdom for the Princess - PC - 14 Aug 2009
My Kingdom for the Princess is a limited real-time strategy game which I played through as a free trial through WildTangent. In it the player has to collect resources to build bridges, break down rocks, and otherwise clear the way for the player character of the prince to escort the princes to see her sick father.
The story is told through charming little comic book type screens displayed between sets of levels, and the events are very reminiscent of some of the quirkier children's story books out there, with the prince and princess enlisting the help of a giant eagle to cross the ocean and other similar hijinx at various points. It is a very cute game, and well worth a play-through.

8. Posh Botique 2 - PC - 14 Aug 2009
Basically your typical click-customers-and-merchandise game, with little minigames added for helping customers choose their ideal items from the ones offered for sale. Played through on the free trial time offered by WildTangent, and I'm somewhat glad I did, because while it did keep me entertained for the time it took me to complete it, I'm not really into fashion and didn't see much of any replay value in it. The minigame between stages where you had to find obscurely hidden objects in your shop for the newspaper reporters so they'd give you favorable reviews was more annoying than interesting, I thought.

9. Magic Farm - Ultimate Flower - PC - 15 Aug 2009
This game, I actually purchased, after finding it as a free trial on WildTangent. You progress through a series of gardens, planting flowers or produce, watering them, killing pests, and harvesting them when they're ripe. Throughout the game you get to follow a sometimes rather quirky plot, as you help the main character in her search for her parents who left in search of the Ultimate Flower. Once you've grown this flower, the game officially "ends", but unlike many such games, it continues with a decent number of quests that can be completed afterward, meaning it has quite some value beyond the initial playthrough. If you enjoy clicking games, I can't reccomend this one highly enough!

10. Bookworm Adventures - Fractured Fairytales - PC - 5 Sep 2009
This little word puzzle game was mentioned in the WildTangent newsletter, and its quirky storyline (as well as the fact that hey, it's a word puzzle game!) caught my interest. Fairy tales have escaped from their books, and are wreaking havoc, and only through assembling letters into words can the Bookworm defeat these rogue fairy tale characters and save... I guess fairy tales? I'm not quite clear on what I was saving. Unfortunately the game, when it ends, doesn't seem to have any real closure, it's more of a "the story continues in the next game" vibe, which is a shame as it was moderately interesting. Worth a try, but probably not worth spending money on.
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