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Fifth Game of the Year: Beautiful Katamari - Video Game Clear Challenge

Goddamned Resurrecting Bitch posting in Video Game Clear Challenge
User: 10vgchallenge (posted by quoting_mungo)
Date: 2010-09-01 13:32
Subject: Fifth Game of the Year: Beautiful Katamari
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Tags:xbox 360
5. Beautiful Katamari - Xbox 360 - week 34 2010
I'd had dire warnings about this game, about it not living up to the previous games. Either it's been too long since I played the prior games, or it wasn't that bad, because I had fun rolling around creating planets and constellations, and some of the new types of goals are rather interesting (if frustrating). The King of Cosmos is still a jerk, the Prince still takes his verbal (and physical) abuse in stride, and the Queen, once again, doesn't intervene. Nothing significant new aside from the level layouts, really; if you want to see a game that revolutionizes the franchise you're in the wrong place. If you just want more joyful rolling up of stuff because hearing the people scream as their office building is suddenly attached to a big sticky ball of stuff is bloody hilarious, you might be in for a treat.
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