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Fifth Game of the Year: Winemaker Extraordinaire - Video Game Clear Challenge

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User: 10vgchallenge (posted by quoting_mungo)
Date: 2009-06-26 19:09
Subject: Fifth Game of the Year: Winemaker Extraordinaire
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5. Winemaker Extraordinaire - PC
Another WildTangent game, also playable for free if you complete it in only a few sittings, much like Orchard. Longer than Orchard, or at least it felt longer, this game has you making wine in the winery inherited from your grandfather to restore an old winemakers' club which has been torn apart by conflict. During the course of the game you aquire more vineyards and learn increasingly complicated blends that make more and more expensive wine. The game also contains several minigames which affect the wine's quality and how many bottles you can make in a day, as well as letting you plant some of the more expensive local grapevines in your vineyards, and which I found a pretty nice refresher. There was also only rarely a need to sell wine to get the money to progress, which I thought was nice; most of your cash will come from the money you get as quest rewards in exchange for providing certain wine to the former members of the winemakers' club, until you've convinced them that you're worthy and they give you their small piece of the recipe for the Wino Ultimae - your grandfather's ultimate wine blend.
Obtaining this recipe and manufacturing 10 bottles of Wino Ultimae is the objective of the game, which was quite well-made.
And the boy and I shared some laughs over the fact that a flight ticket from Italy to Australia or Canada is all of $25, yet a bottle of late-game wine can be $400+. I wish overseas travel was that cheap!
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