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Third Game of the Year: ForumWarz - Video Game Clear Challenge

Goddamned Resurrecting Bitch posting in Video Game Clear Challenge
User: 10vgchallenge (posted by quoting_mungo)
Date: 2009-03-26 15:58
Subject: Third Game of the Year: ForumWarz
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Tags:browser game
3. ForumWarz - Browser game - 26 Mar 2009
Someone on my friends list on LJ kept mentioning this game, so I decided to give it a try. What do you know, being a make-believe Internet troublemonger turned out to be rather amusing. Actual trolling of forums isn't something I can get behind, as that can hurt people's feelings, nor do I find people's reactions to trolling particularly amusing... Except in this game they're irate and nonsensical in an almost-authentic-yet-exaggerated way that really works for me. You play as one of a number of classes and attack computer-generated fake forums by posting off-topic bullshit, which will eventually derail a thread to the point where it gets "pwned". Derail enough thread and you will have "pwned" the entire forum! Each class has different abilities at their disposal to accomplish this - for instance my character, a Camwhore, could choose to post "bra shots", which would put a random photo of a woman's brasserie-clad chest on the forum and inevitably annoy the natives.
The drawback of ForumWarz is that once you complete the storyline of "Episode 1" you cannot play the game at all, as your character's ISP suspends their account for excessive bandwidth usage, and there is no warning that you're about to complete the first episode, meaning your character is sitting in limbo waiting for you to shell out $10 in support to the game in order to unlock the next episode. That I can't really say I can get behind - if you choose to play the game, I suggest looking on the Spoilerpedia (the game wiki) to find out what the last mission is so you can avoid completing it.
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